NFL Super Bowl 2013 News at YouWager: Ravens Ray Lewis in Trouble

YouWager experts have learned that a recent report has suggested that Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis was given a product to help heal his torn triceps that contains a banned substance. The linebacker has not tested positive and denies using it.

According to Mitch Ross, a co-owner of Sports with Alternatives to Steroids (SWATS) he spoke to Lewis shortly after the linebacker tore his triceps Oct. 14 and he requested products that could help speed up his recovery. Deer-antler spray was among the prescribed treatments, a product that contains a substance, IGF-1, on the NFL’s banned list.

SWATS will be the subject of an in-depth profile in Sports Illustrated’s next issue which recants the report about Lewis.

The 37 year-old dismissed the report when asked about it at Super Bowl media day Tuesday in New Orleans.

Lewis also stated yesterday that he doesn’t want to give the company any publicity and questioned why he should respond to such “stupidity.”

Baltimore’s coach John Harbaugh has stated that he has not talked to Lewis about the report.

The football Players Association said the NFL does test for IGF-1, the banned substance found in deer-antler extract, but the league has released a statement which says that it is not detectable with the league’s current testing methods.


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